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This is a list of open tasks for Adonthell developers, ready to pick and implement. Choose any if you are willing to join our team! All tasks are structured in the following way:

  • Overview A brief summary of the task.
  • Dependencies A listing of tasks that are somehow related to the current one.
  • Requirements A brief specification of the required functionality. More detail can often be found among the references below.
  • References Links to the mailing lists or external resources with further discussion of the task.

Our Road Map lists the tasks in order of importance and gives them some additional context.

Programmer's Tasks

Design and/or implementation details can be discussed on adonthell-devel. Any questions you might have about the tasks below will be answered there as well.

Game Engine Tasks (cont.) Toolset Tasks

Graphic Artist's Tasks

Art related questions can be discussed on adonthell-artwork.

Writer's Tasks

Anything plot related is best kept to adonthell-plot.