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Adonthell is a large project, so we need all the help we can get. We are constantly looking for Developers, Artists and Writers. If you are interested, please see below for more information.


Adonthell is in development since 1999 and has seen many contributors over the years. As with any old project, entering development is not always easy. Therefore, we have set up this Wiki to help you getting started. For all the remaining questions you might have, please write to the adonthell-general mailing list or join us at, channel #adonthell.

Hope to see you there soon!


To complete our game engine and tools, we are looking for developers with experience in C++ and (optional) Python. The road map and a collection of open tasks should give you a good idea about the things we need most.

The Getting Started guide shows you how to obtain Adonthell's source code and set up a development environment. Afterwards, refer to the Adonthell API and Engine Architecture documentation to get an overview of the project's current state. For all the remaining questions or design discussions, we have the adonthell-devel mailing list.


The visuals of Adonthell follow the tradition of classic console RPGs like Secret of Mana or Chrono Trigger, with hand-drawn graphics and animations and a top-down view on the gameworld. Further, we need graphics for cutscenes, items and the user interface.

To see what kind of graphics are required, have a look at the descriptions of places, characters and items. Hints for making graphics can be found in the Designer's Reference. For further help and discussion about graphics and artwork we have the adonthell-artwork mailing list.


We put a great emphasis on Background and plot of our games and also on interaction with NPCs. Especially for latter, we need writers to create the numerous Dialogues that will be a prominent feature of Adonthell.

To get an idea about our design goals, have a look at the Plot Design Guidelines and the Plot Documentation. Discussion about background, characters and plot takes place on the adonthell-plot mailing list.