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Getting Started with Adonthell Development

Your Help is Wanted

If you are looking for an established project to demonstrate or boost your skills, then hop aboard and join the team. Take the opportunity and leave your mark on something that goes far beyond Waste's Edge, our first demo game. Work with seasoned developers that will help integrate your ideas and designs into Adonthell.


This Guide contains instructions for programmers that want to write code for Adonthell. Following them in the order listed below should help you obtaining the prerequisite libraries for Adonthell and the Adonthell source code itself. It then guides you through setting up everything so you can start knocking out these open items.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Overview
  2. Quick Start
  3. Dependency Matrix
  4. Getting Adonthell from GIT
  5. Compiling Adonthell
  6. First Steps
  7. Coding Style Guide
  8. Join The Team