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Welcome to the Adonthell Documentation Wiki

Your Help is Wanted

If you are looking for an established project to demonstrate or boost your skills, then hop aboard and join the team. Take the opportunity and leave your mark on something that goes far beyond Waste's Edge, our first demo game. Work with seasoned developers that will help integrate your ideas and designs into Adonthell.

This Wiki contains many resources for developers, artists and writers working on the Adonthell Engine and Game Content. Documentation is divided into the following sections for easier access:

Programmers Pages

  • The Getting Started Guide helps setting up an Adonthell build environment, downloading and compiling Adonthell from Git and contains other useful information for developers.
  • The Road Map gives an overview of ongoing and future development and helps putting the list of Open Tasks into perspective.
  • The Adonthell API Documentation is available outside the Wiki.
  • The Engine Architecture is a supplement to the API, with description of basic design principles of the engine and its many modules.

Game Designers Pages

  • The Tools used to create game content for Adonthell.
  • The Scripting Guide describes how the Python scripts that turn the engine into a RPG have to look.
  • The Role Playing System contains the rules used by Adonthell.
  • The Characters and Factions and Creatures encountered in the world of Adonthell are described here.
  • Places of some importance to the world of Adonthell.
  • The Items to be found in the world of Adonthell.

Artists Pages

  • The Designer's Reference includes guidelines, specifications and tips for creating graphics and animations for Adonthell.

Writers Pages

  • The Plot of Adonthell and the demo games is documented here. *** Spoilers ***
  • The Adonthell Library is a collection of background material covering various aspects of Adonthell's world.
  • The Plot Design Guidelines contain various suggestions, hints and rules concerning the creation and documentation of Adonthell's plot.
  • The Dlgedit Manual is the User's Guide to the Adonthell Dialogue Editor, the tool for creating conversations between the player and NPC's.