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*** Spoilers ***


The Main Character of Adonthell v0.4: Dun Barethsol is named Marcella. She is the daughter of a Green Sister who was killed during the Erinsford riots. Her dream to learn more about the secrets of Alchemy seems to come true when she receives an anonymous letter promising to teach her what her foster father, Padrig, would never dare.

The author of the letter invites her to journey to Waste's Edge and wait for a messenger who will relay her to her newfound master. Instead of finding a messenger from the author's letter, she finds Waste's Edge abuzz with the news that the Dwarves have come out of their mountains again. Now, they are looking for someone to hunt down the man who stole their catseyes.

Stranded in Waste's Edge, with uncertain past and future, Marcella must find her destiny, be it good or evil, and prevent a rumored evil from bringing an untimely end to her life and doom to the people of Wyvernesse.