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Plot Design Guidelines


This document contains rules and guidelines for the designers of Adonthell’s plot. It does not contain any information about the actual plot. It just deals with ways to create an interesting plot that adds to the overall gameplay and replay value of Adonthell.

The first few sections deal with the main plot line, side quests and NPCs. The last part of the document deals with everything needed to put the plot to paper, including a short introduction to the dot tool.

Although some parts of this document are purely Adonthell-specific, it might be worth a read for everybody interested in the creation of role playing games. If you plan to help with Adonthell’s plot however, please read the entire document. It will set you on the right track and answer many of the questions you might have. In brief: RTFM ;-).

Table of Contents

  1. Main Plot
  2. Side Quests
  3. Main Character and Companions
  4. NPCs
  5. Dialogues
  6. Documenting the Plot
  7. The dot Tool