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The Adonthell Library


As we go about designing the world Adonthell will be set in, important events and individuals of both long gone and more recent times come into being. Together with the more abstract concepts of the world, such as geographic, cultural or political aspects, these will be presented here in the form of essays, short stories and legends. The idea behind is to give the world that extra bit of texture, that comes with the detailed background collected here.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue
    An overview of the events that precede -- and culminate into -- the actual game
  2. Regarding races of the Adonthell world
    An introduction to the different "intelligent" races native to Adonthell, describing their appearance, lifestyle and aspects of their society
  3. The Origins of the World and Her Races According to Men
    How the Mighty Ones created the world and its inhabitants
  4. The Marring of the World, as told by Men
    How Prince Dark tries to destroy the Mighty Ones' creation
  5. On the Origins of the Dwarves
    The Dwarven creation myth
  6. Historical Fragments
    Fragments of of the poetry, history, and myths of the four races
  7. Tanath the Seafarer
    A poem about Tanath's discovery of Adonthell (unfinished)
  8. Ninieth's Bane
    The legend of Ninieth, slayer of Zaphirel (unfinished)
  9. Of Alenvar - an excerpt of the Miloran Cycle
    An excerpt of an old Elven legend, dealing with the life of Alenvar, the great and yet controversial hero.
  10. The Formation of Clan Gemcraft and the Settling of Uzdun'kal
    An article for everyone interested in dwarven history, genealogy and geography
  11. Regarding the Magick Riot of Erinsford
    The history of Erinsford, a human settlement in the southern wildlands, recorded by Cirades Rymon
  12. Fountain Falling
    A lament for the Green and Red Sisters who died in the Magick Riots
  13. Of Waste's Edge
    A treatise on the small settlement the v0.3 demo is named after and takes place at.
  14. Dragon and Fang
    An excerpt from the diary of Andare, a ranger in the Waste's Edge region
  15. Concerning the Stonemages Of Forenost
    An excerpt from the writings of Daerilon of the Mirrored Waters, a noted traveler and historian