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The aim of Adonthell is the creation of a 2D, graphical, single player role playing game and the required engine.

Your Help is Wanted

If you are looking for an established project to demonstrate or boost your skills, then hop aboard and join the team. Take the opportunity and leave your mark on something that goes far beyond Waste's Edge, our first demo game. Work with seasoned developers that will help integrate your ideas and designs into Adonthell.

Main emphasis of the game lies on good gameplay rather than on realism; it will be a well-balanced mixture of fast-paced realtime combat, head-cracking puzzle elements and extensive dialogues.

More information about the project is available

More unbiased views about Adonthell can be found at various places on the net:

If you are interested in joining our efforts, you are welcome! We can also use help with the documentation (therefore it's organized as a Wiki), so feel free to add comments or content.